14 July/ 14 Temmuz

14 July/ 14 Temmuz

Director : Haşim Aydemir/Turkey/137/Turkish|Kurdis/2017

In September 12 1980, the Turkish state carries out a military coup suppressing the struggle of the Kurds for human rights and freedom – their existence, identity, language and culture are denied and banished. Tens of thousands of Kurds and revolutionaries in Turkey are imprisoned.

In Diyarbakir, the biggest city in Kurdistan, in order to bury Kurds’ dreams and longings inside Diyarbakir Prison no5, vicious tortures are carried out. And against this oppression, a group of Kurdistan freedom fighters start an unprecedented resistance for basic human rights and freedom that every person in the world should possess. And as an important part of this resistance, they begin an indefinite hunger strike in July 14 1982.

Director : Hasim Aydemir Screenplay : Metin Ewr, Ilham Bakir, Mehmet Emin Engizek Producer : Mehmet Husamettin Yurek DoP Touraj Aslani Editor : Amir Adip Perweri Music : Mahmud Berazi Cast : Suat Usta, Sahin Yalcin, Nedim Rojhat Yesilcinar, Tahsin Ozmen, Veysel Erel