2009 – Raoul Peck

2009 - Raoul Peck
Raoul peck was born in Port au Prince, Haiti, but lived most of his childhood in exile from Duralier regime

with his parents in the Congo of Patrice Lumumba from 1961 which became their adopted country for 25 years. He attended school in Leopoldville but finished schooling in the west, briefly studying in raoulpeckBrooklun, New York before transferring to high school in France. He completed his studies in Germany and New York before coming out with a master Fine Arts in Film. While still a student, Peck made his first feature length film, Haitian Corner. Other projects soon followed establishing him as one of the most prominent filmmakers. He had an 18 month stint as the Minister of Culture in Haity. His 1993 flick, man By the Shore, is the first Caribbean film to be selected in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Lumumba was also presented at Directors Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival.