2013 – Marco Bellocchio

2013 - Marco Bellocchio


Marco Bellocchio is one filmmaker who pursued certain themes throughout his life and career,

always historicizing his narratives and giving his situations a brooding quality, and his characters a melancholy charm. His films go on asking troubling and uneasy questions to all the powers-that-be, political, ideological and spiritual, marcobellochiothat promised liberation and freedom, but ultimately failed to deliver anything but demand for obeisance and servility. In his own words, “…throughout the years, my imagination keeps going back to the same themes, but with a very different outlook, a very different perspective.

The stories do come back, but my way of looking at these stories has radically shifted. While in ‘Fists in the Pocket’ I morally share or support the choice of the protagonist to kill the mother—not in a criminal way, but in a philosophical way—in ‘My Mother’s Smile’ I am on the side of the character who rejects the murder. That’s a very different perspective. This Bellochio’s films stand testimony to 20th century history with all the tragic beauty and strength of its dreams and frustrations, hopes and disappointments, making him not only the conscience of Italy but of the world. What makes his films compelling lessons in life and liberation are their ability to combine a deep distrust for all kinds of fundamentalism and totalitarianism, even while being enchanted by dreams of hope and calls for freedom.