2014 – Sumitra Peries

2014 - Sumitra Peries

In the 1980s Sumitra was a member of the Presidential Commission for two years to conduct an inquiry into Sri Lanka’s film sector regarding

sumithra_periesall aspects of the industry such as its troubles, statistics, public opinions and recommendations and also was Sri Lanka’s ambassador to France in the late 1990s. Later she married Lester James Peries the well known director in Sri Lanka.

She was in charge of production for Worldview International in Sri Lanka in period of 1988-1990. Also during the period of the late 1980s and early 1990s, she was a member of the Board of Management of the Institute of Aesthetique Studies, Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka

She has also proved her Excellency in film editing by receiving National level awards for best editor four times Gamperaliya – Sarasaviya Film Awards (1964) Delovak Athara – Sarasaviya Film Awards (1967) Ahasin Polawata – Presidential Awards (1979) & OCIC Awards (1979) Bakmaha Deege – Critics Awards (1971) Peries has been in the cinema industry for half a century now, and has made her signature mark in each and every film she has directed.

Sumitra Peries is the path breaking Sri Lankan woman filmmaker who paved way for the entry of women breaking the monopoly of then male dominated Sinhalese cinema. Having skilled in film making from London School of Film Technique (1957-1959). She is known for Gahanu Lamai (1978), Ganga Addara (1980) and Loku Duwa (1994).