67 Films to Feature Today

The 22 nd International Film Festival of Kerala which progresses to its third day will be featuring 67
films among all the 14 theatres.

Eight films will be screened today in the ‘International Competition’ including Malayalam film
‘Garden of Desire’ (Aedan) by Sanju Surendran. Semih Kaplanoglu’s Turkish film ‘Grain’, Amit V
Masurkar’s Indian film ‘Newton’, Ali Ghavitan’s Iranian film ‘White Bridge’, Johnny Hendrix’s
‘Candelaria’, Nila Madhab Panda’s Indian film ‘Dark Wind’, Ilgar Najaf’s Azerbaijanian film
‘Pomegranate Orchard’ and Annemarie Jacir’s Palestinian film ‘Wajib’ will also be screened in this
Fernanda Pessoa’s ‘Stories That Our Cinema Did (Not) Tell’, Adirley Queiros’ ‘White Out, Black In’,
Juliana Rojas’ ‘Necropolis Symphony’ and Eduardo Nunes’ ‘Southwest’ are the Brazilian films that
will be featured today in the ‘Country Focus- Brazil’ category.
The three films that will be screened in the ‘Malayalam Cinema Today’ are Mahesh Narayanan’s
‘Take Off’, Prasanth Vijay’s ‘The Summer of Miracles’ and Salimkumar Koovaparambil
Gangadharan’s ‘The Black Jew’.
‘Dany’, a movie about the life of a Saxophone player, who is a mute witness to many of the historical
happenings taking place around in the world directed by T V Chandran and ‘The Sun’ by Alexander
Sokurov which portrays the Second World War in Japan are the movies to be screened in ‘Jury Films’
In the ‘Retrospective’ category, Alexander Sokurov’s Russian filns ‘Mother and Son’ and ‘Faust’,
Leena Kilpeläinen’s ‘The Voice of Sokurov’ will be screened.
Mahamat Saleh Haroun’s French movie ‘Bye Bye Africa’, ‘A Season in France’ and ‘Grigris’, Michel
Franco’s Mexican film ‘After Lucia’, ‘Daniel and Ana’ and ‘April’s daughter’ are the movies in the
category, ‘Contemporary Filmmaker in Focus’.
The flicks screening in ‘Homage’ are K R Mohanan’s ‘Ashwathama’ and Louis Malle’s ‘Elevator to
the Gallows’.
Special screening of Satyajit Ray’s ‘Charulata’ will be there in Sree theatre complex.
Dar Gai’s ‘Three and a Half’, Prasad Oak’s ‘The Unripe Lemon’, Sanjib Dey’s ‘III Smoking Barrels’
and Ravi Jadhav’s ‘Nude’ are the featuring films in ‘Indian Cinema Now’ section.
‘Avalkoppam’ unveils M T Vasudevan Nair’s ‘Kuttyedathi’ and I V Sasi’s ‘Avalude Ravukal’.

Lav Diaz’ Filipino movie ‘The Woman Who Left’, Hong Kong film ‘Trivisa’ by trio-directors Jevons
Au, Frank Hui and Vicky Wong will be the highlight of ‘Asian Cinerama’.