8 Films for International Competition Today (Sunday)

‘Aedan’, ‘Newton’, ‘Kadvi Hawa’ Form Indian Line Up

The third day of the 22 nd International Film Festival of Kerala will showcase eight flicks in the
International Competition category. The films of the day vying for the top honours comprise ‘Grain’,
‘Newton’, ‘White Bridge’, ‘Candelaria’, ‘Garden of Desire’, ‘Dark Wind’, ‘Pomegranate Orchard’,
‘Grain’, directed by Semih Kaplanoglu, and ‘Newton’, by Amit V Masurkar, will be screened at the
Kairali theatre. ‘Grain’, a sci-fi drama, inspired from a chapter from Quran, is a post-apocalyptic story
filmed on three continents. This Turkish film looks at the distant future of the mind through the mirrors
of magic, mystery, and migration.
Amit V Masurkar's feature film ‘Newton’ portrays the story of a general election conducted in the
Naxalite jungles of central India. Newton, a government clerk played by Rajkummar Rao, is
determined to do his duty amidst trying circumstances. The laurels and accolades in the credit of
‘Newton’ include the nomination for Best Film in International Competition of Berlin International
Film Festival 2017, nomination for Best Film in International Competition at Buenos Aires
International Festival of Independent Cinema 2017, nomination for Best International Feature Film of
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017, Jury Prize for Young Cinema at the Hong Kong
International Film Festival 2017 and so on.
The Iranian film ‘White Bridge’, directed by Ali Ghavitan, portrays the story of Bahareh, who is
suspended from school after being disabled in an accident. The laws prevent her from returning to regular school and thereby forcing her to go to special school. Bahareh and her mother fight to
overcome this situation. Kairali theatre will host the screening of these films.
The Tagore theatre has lined up for competition with Jhonny Hendrix's ‘Candelaria’, Sanju
Surendran’s ‘Aedan’ and Nila Madhab Panda’s ‘Dark Wind’. A long-married old couple rekindles
their lost romance with a video camera in the 1990s Cuba, the most troubled times of its history.
‘Candelaria’ takes us to a world of facts and fantasy in parallel with the subtle and realistic movements
of camera lens.
‘Aedan’, (Garden of Desire) is a kaleidoscope of two lonely characters with visions of love and death.
They find pleasure in a curious game. The film is a folk tale in its elemental qualities and evocation of
eternal human passions – lust, passion, envy, and rage. It is a story within a story, a tradition of Indian
epics. The stories attempt a microscopic examination of the human mind.
‘Kadvi Hawa’ or ‘Dark Wind’ by Nila Madhab Panda, is about the effects of climate change and
scanty rainfall in a Rajasthan village. The story is plotted through the life of a blind farmer who in an
unfortunate situation strikes a deal with the debt recovery agent.
‘Pomegranate Orchard’ and ‘Wajib will be screened at Dhanya theatre. Azerbaijan filmmaker Ilgar
Najaf’s ‘Pomegranate Orchard’ is a drama played out against a picturesque backdrop of pomegranate
plantations. The movie is an adaptation of Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard.
An urban road movie set and shot among the Arab community of Israel, ‘Wajib’ affirms the long-
standing bonds of family and community and dad-son relationship. This comedy-drama of flimsy
family-community ties is directed by Annemarie Jacir.
Of the four Indian movies lined up for International Competition, three will be shown today. These
films of multifarious themes from all regions, of varied geography and distances, are a much awaited
lot and audiences are expected to queue up in large numbers for their screening.