A Family Tour

A Family Tour

Director : Ying Liang / aiwan/2018/colour/ 107 min / Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese


Locarno Festival


A Chinese filmmaker, Yang Shu makes a film which offends the government which makes her go on a forced exile in Hong Kong. Yang’s mother lives in Sichuan and wishes to see her daughter and grandson due to relapse of her stomach cancer. Yang takes the opportunity of a film festival in Taiwan and plans a travel to meet her mother under the strict itinerary of Chinese government.

Director Ying Liang
Screenplay Chan Wai, Ying Liang
Producers Jeremy Chuva, C Melanopterus, Tseng Wen Chen, Lee Shuping
Editor Liu Yue Xing

Gong Zhe, Nai An, Pete Teo, Tham Hin Yue