A Twelve Year Night / LA NOCHE DE 12 AÑOS

A Twelve Year Night / LA NOCHE DE 12 AÑOS

Director : ÁLVARO BRECHNER / 122 min / Uruguay | Argentina | Spain / Spanish / 2018

Awards/ Festivals

Berlin International Film Festival, Biarritz IngernationalFestival of Latin American Cinema, International Antalya Film Festival, International Crime and Punishment Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival

In a secret mlitary operation, three Tuparmaro prisoners are being taken from their cells in Uruguay. For the next twelve years they have to remain in solitary confinement. They spend most of the time wearing hoods over their heads. One among the prisoners is Pepe Mujica, who later became the President of Uruguay.

Director Álvaro Brechner
Producer Mariela Besuievsky, Birgit Kemner, Fernando Sokolowicz, Vanessa Ragone
DoP Carlos Catalan
Editor Irene Blecua, Nacho Ruiz Capillas
Music Federico Jusid, Silvia Pérez Cruz

Antonio de la Torre, Chino Darín, Alfonso Tort, César Troncoso, Soledad Villamil, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Mirella Pascual, Nidia Telles