A’hr / Kayattam

A'hr / Kayattam

Dir: Sanal Kumar Sasidharan / India / 105 Minutes / Malayalam / 2020

Maya, a woman around forty, and a younger lad, Akash got to know each other via Internet and have decided to make a climb in the mountains. Meeting here live for the first time, they timidly start knowing each other while climbing difficult and sometimes dangerous passages. Their fragile happiness and playfulness starts to have difficulties when a man, the artist from the group comes forward to claim that he knows the identity of Maya. The characters are metaphors of the real and the unreal, pointing to a philosophy that everything real is unreal and a part of the mystic drama called the Universe. In a simplistic reading, the film is a contemporary fable about people in search for their identity and their happiness. But there is a subtext which connects the mysteries of individual minds with the unexplained magic of the universe. In Sanskrit Maya means “magic” or “illusion”, upon which the universe is woven. Maya in our film also denotes to the wider mystery of the Universe and its masterful manipulation with the human minds that are the source of art and violence at the same time. But Maya is also an ordinary woman who creates unexplained complex thoughts and emotions in the minds of men around her.