Ash is the Purest White / Jiang hu er nv

Ash is the Purest White / Jiang hu er nv

Director : Zhangke Jia / China, France, Japan/2018/Colour/137’/Mandarin


Cannes Film Festival

Initially set in the jianghu-criminal underworld-setting ‘Ash is Purest White’ is less a gangster movie than a melodrama. In an industrial city in China, a young dancer named Qiao falls in love with a mobster named Bin. When a fight breaks out between rival gangs, Qiao uses a gun to protect Bin and is sent to prison for five years.

Director and Screenplay Zhangke Jia
Producer Shôzô Ichiyama, Nathanaël Karmitz
DoP Giong Lim
Editor Matthieu Laclau
Music Giong Lim
Sound Design Nikolas Javelle, Gwennolé Le Borgne

Tao Zhao, Fan Liao, Yi’nan Diao