Au Hasard Balthazar (Tribute to Anne Wiazmsky)

Au Hasard Balthazar (Tribute to Anne Wiazmsky)

Director : Robert Bresson /  France, Sweden / 95 / French, Latin / 1966

Synopsis This is the story of a donkey named Balthazar and the somewhat difficult life it leads. The baby donkey is a child’s pet but when they return home, it begins it’s life of misery. It works as a farm animal, pulling a cart and is made to work hard. Meanwhile, the young girl who first acquired Balthazar as a pet grows up, only to be badly treated by an indifferent and selfish boyfriend.

Director and Screenplay Robert Bresson
Producer Mag Bodard
DoP GhislainCloquet
Editor Raymond Lamy
Music Jean Wiener
Cast Anne Wiazemsky, Walter Green, Francois Lafarge, JeanClaude Guilbert

Venice Film Festival, Village Voice Film Poll