August at Akiko’s / August at Akiko’s

August at Akiko's / August at Akiko's

Director : Christopher Makoto Yogi / USA/2018/Colour/75’/English


International Film Festival Rotterdam

Musician Alex sets off to an island to find his ancestral home with only childhood memories as navigational system. As he fails to find his home, he reaches a retreat run by a Buddhist woman, Akiko, where he decides to stay for a while. Over a course of few weeks, they share a special bond out of music and therapeutic techniques.

Director and Screenplay Christopher Makoto Yogi
Producer Chris Choi, Cris clatter, Sarah S Kim, Vince Keala Lucero, James Sereno, Joshua Strickland
DoP Jose Asuncion, Eunsoo Cho
Ediotr Christopher Makoto Yogi
Music Alex Zhang Hungtai

Alex Zhang Hungtai, Akiko Masuda, KinukoArakaki, Phoenix Yamashiro