Avalude Ravukal (A. Sheriff )

Avalude Ravukal  (A. Sheriff )

Director : I. V. Sasi / India / 1978 / 144 mins / Malayalam

11_avalude-ravukal-_1 The story pivots around Raji (Seema), a young prostitute, and three young men in her life: Two college-going youngsters, Babu (Ravikumar), Jayan (Sukumaran) and a school teacher Chandran (Soman). The responsibility of bringing up her younger brother Sudhakaran (Master Raghu) Raji is forced to become a prostitute. Suspecting for steeling Chandrans wrist watch, Sudhakaran is arrested and manhandled by the police. Sudhakaran dies from the
physical trauma after his release. From remorse Chandran offers support to Raji, but she refuses it. Raji gets gangraped and Chandran’s timely intervention saves her. Knowing her son’s waywardness Lakshmi comes to the town to meet Babu and eventually Raji. Lakshmi accepts her as her daughter-in-law and takes her home.


11_avalude-ravukal-_2Direction I V Sasi
Production M Ramachandran
Screenplay Alleppey Sherif
Cinematography Vipin Das
Editing K Narayanan
Music Guna Singh
Cast Seema, Kalavoor Ravikumar, M.G Soman, Sukumaran, Thoppil
Bhasi, Bahadoor