Beyond the One / AU-DELA DE L’UN

Beyond the One / AU-DELA DE L'UN

Dir: Anna Marziano / 53 mins / France,Italy,Germany / “Italian, French, German,
Kannada, English” / 2017

Through a selection of excerpts from music, film and literature, the film opens a  conversation that crosses the labyrinth of domestic violence and pain caused by  ideals or circumstances. It deals with different attempts of living together, of  nourishing connections towards people who passed away, in a wide reflection on  our singular/plural condition. Not a film on family, couple, community nor  polyamory. Rather traces of an act of existence. Film stock like fossil fragments.  Sounds keeping suggestions of meetings with people and moments. Conversation  in which essay and poetry intertwine, wandering the blurred area where our  solitary beings merge and the ambiguity of our intimate relational life begins.