Director : Vinu A K / 104 mins / 2018


Kunhambu, fantasised chindan muthapan his neighbor as a legendary hero from the tales told by his grandmother and friends. Sometimes chindan muttapan appeared magically in his dreams slicing the darkness and rescuing him from the nightmares. Chindan Muthapan also taught how to clean and use the English barrel. As a mandatory procedure before elections, Kunhambu submits his English barrel in his areas police station. When his area is divided into two zones, so does the police station and his life takes a different turn.


Director of Photography: Ram Raghav
Script writer:     Vinu Kolichal
Editor : Shiju Nostalgia
Music : Pratik abhayankar
Sound Design : B R Aravind
Art Director : Krishnan Kolichal
Producer:    Joseph Abraham



Balettan (Kunjambu Old), Sanjay (Kunjambu young),
Haridas (Chindan Muthappan), Imbichiyamma (Muthassi)