Birds are Singing in Kigali/ Ptaki spiewaja w Kigali

Birds are Singing in Kigali/ Ptaki spiewaja w Kigali

Director : Joanna Kos-Krauze,KrzysztofKrauze/Poland/113/Polish|English|Kinyarwanda/2017

We catch up with Polish ornithologist Anna in Africa in 1994 just as Rwanda’s Hutu majority has unleashed genocide against the smaller population of Tutsis. Anna manages to save the daughter of a local colleague whose entire family has been murdered, and she takes her back to Poland. Trauma from the experience, as well as quick tempers on the part of both women, prevent them from finding peace; on top of that, Claudine refuses to play the victim. Later, when the position of the Rwandan tribes is reversed, the young woman returns home. Unwilling to take the steps necessary to advance her scientific career Anna follows Claudine back to Africa, and there she observes the Tutsi woman’s search for traces of her former life and the graves of her loved ones. Everywhere she goes, Claudine comes up against the survivors’ attempts to come to terms with what they have lost. Although in 1996 power is in the hands of the Tutsis, the peace is fragile, and the near universal poverty aids the forces of evil. The movie, begun in cooperation with Krzysztof Krauze (My Nikifor – Crystal Globe at KVIFF 2005), was completed after his death by his wife and longtime cooperator Joanna Kos-Krauze.

Director and Screenplay : Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze Producer  : Joanna Kos-Krauze DoP : Krzysztof Ptak , Józefina Gocman, Wojciech Staron Editor : Katarzyna Lesniak Music : Paweł Szymanski Cast : Jowita Budnik ,Eliane Umuhire ,Witold Wielinski, Ciza Remy Muhirwa

Awards/Festivals : Best Director and Best Actress at the Chicago IFF, Silver Lion, Best Actress and Best Editor awards at the Gdynia FF, German Premier in Competition of the Hamburg FF 2017