Birds of passage / Pájaros de verano

Birds of passage / Pájaros de verano

Director : Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra / Colombia, Denmark, Mexico/2018/Colour/125’/Spanish, Wayuu, English


Cannes Film Festival

Raphayet and Moises, both hailing from the indigenous Wayuu family in northern Colombia, grows a steady business by selling marijuana to American youth. That doesn’t seem to be an issue for Ursula, the local matriarch of the family, until Moises goes rogue in the middle of a deal. A fratricidal war breaks out and put their lives, culture and traditions at the verge of cessation.

Director CristinsaGallego, Ciro Guerra
Screenplay Maria Camila Arias, Jacques Toulemonde
Producer KatrinPors, Cristina GallegoDoP David Gallego
Editor Miguel Schverdfinger
Music Leonardo Heiblum

Natalia Reyes, Carmina Martinez, Jose Acosta, John Narvaez