Campaign inevitable for festival films: Geetu Mohandas

‘Festival films should be popularized along with the mainstream films’ says actor director Geetu
Mohandas at the two day seminar ‘Empowering Women for Cinema’ held at Hotel Apollo
Dimora as a part of the 22 nd International Film Festival of Kerala. The usage of ‘female
filmmaker’ is not at all appropriate and such gender disparities cannot be accepted. During my
acting days, I was unable to comprehend what my dialogues were and now the situation has
changed a lot, added Geetu while delivering the lecture on the topic ‘Making your first film’.
‘Good film is born only when one realizes that one’s perspectives are incorrect’, opined director
Anup Singh. Cinema is time bounded. We must sense this fact with all our senses and act
accordingly, added Singh.
It is vital for women filmmakers to make their own stand point’ said Rayhana, director of ‘I Still
Hide to Smoke’. She expressed her shooting experiences and her accidental entry to the film
industry from the theatre arena.
Renowned Indian film Amit V Masurkar also took class on the same theme. The session was
followed by the lecture on ‘Film Festivals’ by Alessandra Speciale and ‘Colour Management
from Set to Screen’ by Sidharth Meer.