China to preserve India’s cinematic legacy (special interview)

The International Film Festival of Kerala  is all set to pay a special tribute to Chinese films in the Country Focus category. The Chinese film delegation will host a special session on  Chinese film restoration technology for  film preservation .

Xing Xinyan, Head of the Chinese film delegation promises dedicated support to the  Indian film fraternity for the purpose of restoring classic Malayalam films. Xing Xinyan claims this as a  part of an attempt to open doors for cultural exchange  between India and China. Chinese film restoration technology also plays an important role in preserving masterpieces as an indelible memory for  generations to come.

Emphasising the role that  film festival play in attracting more audiences to the  theatre , he said that festivals are important to enrich and promote  artistic cinema. Xinyan  is enthralled by the way Indian filmmakers across the country collaborate to produce quality content and  he put forth the  possibilities of  Indo-Chinese collaborations to make content-driven cinema. The Chinese film delegation also expressed their interest to provide scholarships for Indian students in Chinese institutions to pursue the Chinese film restoration technology.