Core of the world / Serdtse mira

Core of the world / Serdtse mira

Director : Natalya Meshchaninova / Russia, Lithuania, Ireland, France/2018/Colour/127’/Russian

Egor, a veteran dogtrainer, lives in a small building next to the house of the master of a facility training centre. He cleans the kennels, treats the dogs and it is easier for him to get along with the dogs than with people. Egor is ready to do any job for the master but he wants the impossible – to become the member of the family.

Director NataliyaMeshchaninova
Screenplay NataliyaMeshchaninova,Boris Khlebniko, StepanDevonin
Producer Natalya Drozd, Sergey Selyanov
Editor Dasha Danilova

StepanDevonin, DmitriyPodnozov, Yana Sekste, Ekaterina Vasiljeva