Day 6 – Meet the Director

Day 6 - Meet the Director

Discussing on the process as well as the content of the movies, ‘Meet the Director’ saw a marvellous experience and opinion sharing.

The session led by Mira Sahib included Georg Tiller (Producer, When The Persimmons Grew), Kislay (Filmmaker, Aise Hi), Shwetaabh Singh (Producer, Aise Hi), Akshay Rai (Representative of the film Axone), Khalid Rahman (Filmmaker, Unda) Nishad Yusuf (Editor, Unda) and Balu Kiriyath. While the makers of Unda shared their experience and perceptions behind the film, Kislay and Shwetaab Singh focused on the different aspects of independent filmmaking. Akshay Rai talked about the background of Axone. Georg Tiller gave a clear picture of Azerbaijan where film industry is almost a non-existing entity. The session gave a chance for the audience to interact with filmmakers of different parts of the world.