Day 6- Meet the Director

Day 6- Meet the Director

The fifth session of the ‘Meet the directors’ of the 22 nd International Film Festival of Kerala held at Tagore theatre discussed the possibilities of depicting realism through the formal elements of cinema.

The Algerian-French director Rayhana (I Still Hide to Smoke), Ilgar Najaf director of the Russian drama ‘Pomegranate Orchard’, Sreekrishnan KP (Heart of a Dog) and Dileesh Pothan (Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum) were the participants in today’s session moderated by Meera Sahib.

Rayhana, the director of ‘I Still Hide to Smoke responded with utmost clarity to a delegate’s question on her theatre background and the politics that her film puts forward. She talked about the backdrop for the story of her movie and discussed further on the role of woman in cinema and how it is connected all over the world.

Ilgar Najaf was asked about the relation of his movie ‘Pomegranate Orchard’ with Anton Chekhov’s novel ‘Cherry Orchard’ from which the film was adapted.

Director of the Malayalam film ‘Heart of a Dog/Nayinte Hridayam’, Sreekrishnan KP elaborated on the politics of contemporary Malayalam cinema.

llgar nagaf

Rayhana in Meet the Directors

Rayhana in Meet the Directors

Director of 'Heart of a Dog', Sreekrishnan KP

Director of ‘Heart of a Dog’, Sreekrishnan KP

Meera Sahib, moderator of 'Meet the Directors'

Meera Sahib, moderator of ‘Meet the Directors’

Dileesh Pothan, director of 'Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum'

Dileesh Pothan, director of ‘Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum’