Dir : Apolline Traoré / 105 mins / Burkina Faso / French / 2019


It is now more than ten years since Francis (45years old) left Haiti following the death of his parents, murdered by the soldiers of the dictatorship regime in place.Today he is settled on the Ivory Coast in Abidjan, with his Ivorian wife, Aissey and his daughter Haila 12 years old.

He is impatient for the birth of his heir, the last descendant of the DESRANCES family. For Francis, having a son is crucial since the destruction of his home country, devastated by a terrible earthquake in January 2010.

His joy is short lived when a civil war breaks out in Abidjan at the moment Aissey is about to give birth. It is 2011 and the capital is all fire and blood. But Francis must take his wife to the hospital. A few hours later, in the middle of the chaos, Francis sees that his new-born son and wife have disappeared. Determined to fight the awful misfortune which has once again fallen on him, he goes out searching for them with courage and determination. Despite his refusal, his daughter Haila decides to come with him on the search.Together, father and daughter cross the city and face many dangers.

Gradually over their journey, Francis discovers unexpected courage in his daughter and understands that she is a worthy heir to his famous ancestor: LAMOUR DESRANCES, a slave who became a general in Napoléon’s army.