Dogs and Fools/Sag ha va Adam ha

Dogs and Fools/Sag ha va Adam ha

Director : Ali Mohammad Ghasemi/Iran/84/Persian/2017

In the mountainous heights and forests of northern Iran, where a road passes by coffee places a young couple who have just got engaged; a mother who used to be singer and a radical group has cut off her tongue;

He disappears and the bride gets a divorce in absentia; after a while, she notices that she’s pregnant. She tries to abort the fetus to prp iğnesi save her family’s grace but she can’t. The father notices the problem and succumbs to death. The girl gives birth in hiding, but the people find out and accuse her of prostitution.

The girl tries to bring hers and her mother’s life back to normal, but the innuendos and the way people look at them is too saç ekimi 6 ay sonrası difficult to take for them. After a year, the young man comes back, devastated and failed.

The evidence suggesting the woman’s affairs with other men drives him mad,  He gets suspicious of her relation with a young Kurd widower who saç çizgisi düzeltme raises his baby on his own and kills the man . The young man is now truly mad.

Director : Ali Mohammad Ghasemi Screenplay : Ali Mohammad Ghasemi, Azam Najafian Producer :Ali Mohammad Ghasemi DoP :Ali Mohammad Ghasemi Editor : Ali Mohammad Ghasemi Sound Design: Behrouz Shahamat Cast :Mahmoud Nazaralian, Peyman Moghadami, Asieh Bakhshizad, Nathalie Alonso Casale