Door Lock / Do-eo-lak

Door Lock / Do-eo-lak

Dir: Lee Kwon / 102 mins /  South Korea / Korean / 2018


Kyung-min, an ordinary office worker, lives alone in a studio. One evening, coming back home, she finds the cover of her door lock left open and changes the code. But that night, before she goes to bed, she hears a terrifying sound: “Beep, beep, beep… You have entered the wrong code.”

Horrified, Kyung-min reports the incident to the police, but they don’t pay her much attention. Some time after, when she finds evidence that someone has been in her studio and a murder takes place, Kyung-min decides she’s going to solve the case herself…

The door lock’s open cover

Its keypad smeared with an unfamiliar fingerprint

A cigarette stub at the doorstep

Strange signs that someone else has been in the space where I live alone

He’s coming for me…

Director: Lee Kwon (My Ordinary Love Story)
Screenplay: Park Jeong-hee, Lee Kwon
Executive Producer: Kim Jin-sun
Producer: Cho Byung-yeon
Cast: Kong Hyo-jin (Missing), Kim Ye-won (TV Series – Heart Surgeons), Kim Sung-oh (The Man from Nowhere)


DOOR LOCK is the story of everyday office worker Kyung-min (Kong Hyo-jin), who lives alone in a studio apartment, and the horror she feels on discovering evidence that a stranger has been in her private space. This kind of fear and anxiety is not the stuff of fiction, it’s horror anyone who lives alone could have felt. The audience can relate to the setting immediately and become quickly immersed in the story of a woman struggling to deal with the threat of a stranger coming after her.

Director LEE Kwon says of the birth of this film: “In the present day, we have to live with a new kind of horror that has not existed before.” DOOR LOCK tells a story that could really happen. It offers the audience the experience of a thriller that combines the horror of reality and fiction, woven together with a solid narrative, perfect ensemble cast and a highly talented crew.

Director biography

Before making his own films, Kwon Lee was involved in various capacities in a number of Korean classics, including Memento Mori (1999) and Take Care of My Cat (2001). In 2002, he was a storyboard artist for Surprise Party and also made the short film Cowardly Vicious. Around this time he won a number of awards for his shorts, including the Audience Award and Festival’s Choice Award at RESFEST Korea in 2002, the runner-up prize from the Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival in 2003 and another runner-up prize at the Skip City Digital Film Festival in Japan in 2004. He took part in the commercial feature Love Exposure in 2007 and that same year he ascended to the feature directing chair with Attack on the Pin-up Boys. A story about attractive high school students who are attacked by unknown people and soon court these attacks when they realize these are turning them into minor celebrities, the film has endured as a niche favourite to this day. His next film came in 2014, selected as the closing film of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival; My Ordinary Love Story featured Ye-won Kang as an unlucky in love woman who finally meets her partner, a meek but sweet man played by Sae-byeok Song. Little does he know that he harbours a very dark secret.