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FFSI KR Mohanan Award for Best Debut Director from India
Fahim Irshad for Aani Maani


NETPAC Award for the Best Asian Film:

“For tackling a religious and political issue of the banning of beef at the ground
level of a kebab seller and his family, replete in the humanity of its lead
characters and their social entanglements, a bold stance in the current national
situation, the award goes to Aani Maani by Fahim Irshaad.”

NETPAC Award for the Best Malayalam Film:

“For an uncompromising filmic storytelling and technique to underscore the plight
of the landless that forces a South Indian family to resettle in an apple orchard in
the North, depicting climate change, migrant work and other marginal social
issues that triumph social justice for the family, the award goes to Trees Under
the Sun/Veyilmarangal by Dr Biju.”
NETPAC Special Mention for the Best Malayalam Film Category:
“For a film that presents the tensions and hope in the struggle of four brothers to
help each other succeed to find love, happiness and their places in Kochi, India,
a film that can and should reach a wider audience, the Special Mention goes
to Kumbalangi Nights by Madhu C Narayanan.”
FIPRESCI Award for Best International Film-
Camille by Boris Lojkine
FIPRESCI Award for Best Malayalam Film
Fever/Pani by Santhosh Mandoor
International Competition Awards
Special Mention for Direction
Jallikattu Directed by Lijo Jose Pelliserry, India for bringing onscreen
the brutal conflict of Man and Animal with skillful choreography and an innovative
cinematic control.
Audience Poll Award –
Jallikattu Directed by Lijo Jose Pelliserry
Rajata Chakoram for Best Debut Director to:
Our Mothers Directed by Cesar Diaz, Guatemala for his silent discreet
search of personal closure and the underlying cruelty of civil war.
Rajat Chakoram for Best Director to:
Pacarrete Directed by Allan Deberton, Brazil
who brings out the bold dynamic life and dreams of an ageing artiste in a
changing world.
Suvarna Chakoram for Best Film to:
They Say Nothing Stays The Same Directed by Joe Odagiri, Japan
for a poetic tale of idyllic rural life being threatened by change in a
uncompromising visual style.