Downpour / Ragbar

Downpour / Ragbar

Director : Bahram Beyzai /  Iran  / 128 / Persian 1972

Downpour’s story revolves around Hekmati , an educated and progressive teacher who is transferred to a school in the south of Tehran, a poor conservative area. When his pupils become
unruly, he expels one young boy. The boy’s older sister, Atefeh , comes to the school and protests the expulsion, speaking to Hekmati in private. Another student sees them together and
spreads rumours that Hekmati and Atefeh are having a love affair. As Hekmati tries to set the record straight, he suddenly finds he really is in love with her.
Director and Screenplay Bahram Bayzai
Producer Barbod Taheri
DoP Mehrdad Fakhimi
Editor Mehdi Rajaian
Music Sheyda Gharachedanghi

Cast Parviz Fannizadeh, Parvaneh Massoumi, Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, Jamshid Layegh

Awards/ Festivals

  • Chicago International Film Festival
  • Iranian Film Festival