Fifi Howls from Happiness / FIFI AZ KHOSHHALI ZOOZE MIKESHAD  

Fifi Howls from Happiness / FIFI AZ KHOSHHALI ZOOZE MIKESHAD  

Director:  Mitra Farahani / USA, Iran, France / 96 mins

3_fifi-howls-from-happiness-_2Synopsis : From the South, Warsaw IFF, Sao Paulo IFF, Leeds IFF Bahman Mohassess, a renowned Iranian painter during  the time of the Shah, was trained in Italy, but he created sculptures and paintings in his homeland. But audiences often took offence at the pronounced phalli on his mostly naked bronze figures and his work was regularly censored. All traces of him and his works were lost after the revolution as he went to voluntary exile in Rome. Mitra Farahani, finds Mohassess in a hotel in Rome. The old man is thrilled by her interest in his life but also has very clear ideas about how his words and life should be illustrated.Farahani wants to film Mohassess at work and discovers two young Iranian brothers who commission a new piece from him. Enlivened by the encounter, the artist energetically discusses his grand plans and drives a hard bargain for his last work of art. The movie was premiered at the 2013 Berlin and Telluride Film Festival.

3_fifi-howls-from-happiness-_3Direction Mitra Farahani
Production Marjaneh Moghimi
Music Tara Kamangar Editing Yanick Kergoat
Sound Amir  Hossein Ghasemi
Cinematography Farahani
Cast Bahman Mohassess, Rokni Haerizadeh, Ramin Haerizadeh, Farshad Mahootforoush, Mitra Farahani


Awards / Festivals

  • Berlin IFF, Seattle FF, Telluride FF, New York FF, Vancouver FF,
    Scam International Award, Cinema du reel
  • Grand prize at Escales Documentaires: Association La Rochelle
  • Winner: Buenos Aires FF
  • Berlin, Cinema du Reel – IFF- SCAM I Award, Telluride IFF
  • Milano IFF, Vladivostok IFF, Haifa IFF, NY IFF, Antenna FF, Films