Final screening of Solanas’ ‘Journey to the Fumigated Towns” tomorrow


Argentinean filmmaker Fernando Solanas is the crown jewel of the International Film Festival of Kerala this year, with the festival honouring him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. His film ‘Journey tk the Fumigated Towns’ will have its last screening tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Nila Theatre.

In ‘Journey to the Fumigated Towns’ Solanas provides a compelling documentary that depicts the fallout from agricultural toxins in different parts of Argentina. He shows the devastating impact of mass corporate industries on the agricultural scene and how their exploitation has damaged the lives and livelihoods of farmers. It is an intensely political film that delivers a hard-hitting message. He gives voice to the plight of farmers.

Solanas’ other films include ‘Tangos, Exile of Gardela’, which is a film that seeks to crystallise the notion of an Argentinean identity. ‘South’  and ‘The Journey’ are two more celebrated films from Solanas..