Director: Sherrey Govindan, Shyju Govind / India / 175 min / 2016 / Malayalam

godsaySynopsis ‘God say’ happens in the pre and post years of Indian liberalisation. The story takes place in Kozhikode All India Radio. Till then Akashvani was the only radio station and Doordarsan was the only Television channel in India. Harischanrdran is a program producer of Akashvani who presents the program ‘Gandhi Margham’. Post liberalization period really shakes the aesthetics and ethics of the system and the film goes through the life of Harischandran, a hard core follower of Gandhi and a man of ethics.



Director: Sherrey Govindan, Shyju Govind
Producers: Santhosh Kumar, Dinesh Nambiar
Cast: Vinay Fort, Mythili, Joy Mathew, Indrans,



Director’s Bio

Sherrey Govindan
Godsay is the second feature movie. Adhimadhyantham was debut feature which got national award – special mention for direction and state award for best debutant director. He has made four short films and three of them got state TV awards.

Shyju Govind
Godsay is Shyju’s debut movie.