Here / Eeda

Here / Eeda

Director : B. Ajithkumar / 152 mins / 2017

Anand and Aiswarya who hail from nearby villages in North Malabar. A chance meeting in their native place develops into a passionate affair in Mysore. But their lives suddenly become intertwined in a series of violent events.
Separated from each other, they try to overcome the obstacles and unite once again. And their frantic attempts to escape tightens the knot further. Will their love weather this storm?

John Abraham Award for Best Malayalm film of 2017

Sharmila Rajaa – Producer
Ajithkumar B – Director/Scriptwriter
Pappu Sudheesh – Cinematographer
Ajithkumar B – Editor
Pramod Thomas – Sound Designer
Ajayan Adattu – Sound Designer

Shane Nigam – Anand
Nimisha Sajayan – Aiswarya
Sujith Sankar – Dineshan
Manikantan Achari – Upendran
Alancier Ley Lopez – Govindan
Sudhi Koppa – Thulaseedharan
Shelley Kishore – Leela
Sunitha Chandran – Radhika
Benny PV – Mohanan
Balachandran P – Sreeram Bhat
Abu Valayamkulam – Sudhakaran