Homage- I. V. Sasi


Irruppam Veedu Sasidaran commonly known as I V Sasi, with his experimental ventures had glorified the name of Malayalam cinema in the national level. The veteran film maker known for his bold and gallant film making style had indeed influenced the upcoming film makers to nurture their own making style.  He is the recipient of numerous State and National Awards including J C Daniel Award. The loss of this exceptional film maker has created a vacuum in the main stream cinema. 

He was known for having the courage in experimenting with new and eccentric themes as well as for the novelty introduced in film making. The lives of working class, unemployment, criminalization of society also became themes for his projects.

Homage- K R Mohanan

krmohananK R Mohanan’s recent demise has left a huge gap in the minds of many, including serious film lovers. He was a notable player in the parallel cinema movement of Kerala who made documentaries and feature films that won critical acclaim. Very clear about his own understanding about films and filmmaking, he made valuable contributions to the International Film Festival of Kerala as a chairman of the Chalachitra Academy. After graduating from FTII in Pune, Mohanan went to on to make many short films and documentaries, mostly for Kerala Film Development Corporation, where he worked for several years.