Horror Story of Bhaapaa / Bhaapaa Ki Bhayakatha 

Horror Story of Bhaapaa / Bhaapaa Ki Bhayakatha 

Director: Paresh Mokashi /  India / 2016 / Colour /  72 mins / Hindi

bhabhaSynopsis This story of young lovers is a satire, situated around Bharat- Pakistan border. A very strange but idealistic beginning turns into equally strange but horrific chain of events. The young man goes missing and his lover struggles to find him. She faces quite unusual obstacles or feels trapped in a home presented by government, with a television set that never gets switched off! She continues her struggle, finds her lover imprisoned in Pakistan but time is running out… quite literally, when she loses thirty years of her life in a jiffy! She answers bizarre happenings with equally bizarre solution. She decides to walk over to Pakistan and politics goes haywire. Still, Bhaapaa ki bhayakatha gives us a happy ending.

Direction & Screenplay Paresh Mokashi
Production Sangeeta Ahir, Krrish Ahir
Sound Anmol Bhave
Cinematography Amalendu Avinash Chaudhary
Editing Abhijeet Deshpande
Music Dawn Infotainment Pvt. Ltd.
Cast Deep Joshi, Sharmishtha Raut

Director’s Profile

Movies Directed : Harishchandrachi Factory(Marathi,2009), Elizabeth Ekadashi(Marathi,2014)

Director’s Statement Whenever we think of Bharat-Pakistan situation, something moves inside. But that movement inside, this time around, churned a new feeling out of me and it created a satire. I had handled satire in theatre before, but never in my two film old career! My experience in theatre helped a lot. The theatricality took its toll on duration, but it had to be like this only… short or… salty.