House of My Fathers

House of My Fathers


Hamburg Film Festival

Director : Suba Sivakumaran / Sri Lanka, UK/2018/Colour/100’/ Tamil, Sinhalese

Director, Screenplay and Producer Suba Sivakumaran DoP Kalinga Deshapriya Vithanage Editor Nse Asuquo Music Forest Christenson Sound Design Phil Lee Cast Steve De La Zilwa, Dharshan Dharmaraj, Bimal Jayakodi

Two Sri Lankan villages – one Tamil and other Sinhala, have been at war with each other for decades. When, on both sides, villagers become infertile, they receive a message from the gods. A Sinhala man and a Tamil woman are to be sent to an isolated place where they will find the secret to renew life. But only one of them will return. In the Forest of the Dead, Asoka and Ahalya will have to confront the secrets of their villages and their personal pasts.