Director: K. M Kamal / India / 2012 / Colour / 90 mins / Hindi -English

3_id_3Synopsis: Charu and her friends share a rented apartment in a sky-rise in Mumbai. All in their mid-twenties, and each hailing from different parts of the country, they have come here to make this bustling metro their home. One day Charu finds a labourer, painting a soiled wall at her house. Annoyed that her flat-mate did not inform her, she asks the man to quickly complete his work. A few minutes later, she finds him unconscious on the floor.

Charu, panicked and frantic to do what’s right, gets entwined in a series of incidents that take her through the city. Anywhere that might lead her to some identity of the man, at least a name. Through the film, Kamal tries to track how we need to connect with our environment with a greater sensitivity, at a time when there is an ever-widening divide between us. The movie inspired from real life was shot in real locations- with the city speaking to the filmmaker through her myriad migrant people – who had come here from various parts of the country in search of a better life.

3_id_2Direction K. M Kamal
Production Resul Pookutty,Rajeev Ravi, Madhu Neelakantan, Sunil Babu,B. Ajithkumar
Cinematography Madhu Neelakantan
Editing B. Ajithkumar Music John P. Varkey, Sunil Kumar
Sound Vivek Sachidanand, Anish John
Cast Geetanjali Thapa, Murari Kumar, Rukshana Tabassum, Shinjini Raval, Shashi Sharma, Bachan Pachera, Alok Chaturvedi, Divyendu Sharma, Vinay Sharma, Karma Takapa

Awards / Festivals

  • Deauville Asian FF- Lotus for Best Film
  • Abu Dhabi FF, Torino FF, Marrakech IFF, Mumbai IFF
  • IFFI Goa, Three Continents FF, Rotterdam IFF

Director Biography : Kamal was a journalist with a political weekly `Sameeksha’, before he joined the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Aaryavarth and Vadhakramam- the short films was showcased in film festivals globally, and even won the Special Jury Award at Rio De Janiero International Film Festival and the Kodak Film School Competition. He wrote and directed `Alif’ in 2010 as the Acting Diploma film for F.T.I.I Pune which was screened at the Mumbai International Film Festival, the same year. After graduating in 2004,he worked as an associate director with Santosh Sivan. ‘I.D.’ is his debut feature film, and the first of the collaborations of Collective Phase One.