IFFK 2019: Jellikettu in Competition Category

Thiruvananthapuram: Two Malayalam films – ‘Jellikettu’ and ‘Vritthakrithiyil Ulla Chathuram’ (A Minor Inconvenience) – will be screened under the competition category at the International Film Festival of Kerala, to be held from December 6 to 13.  Fourteen films from 10 different languages have made their way into the international competition category. The premier attraction of the event would be Jellikettu, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in front of a large audience.

‘Ani Mani’, directed by Fahim Irshad, and ‘The Quilt’ by Rahat Kazmi are the Hindi films that would be screened in this cateory. Ahmad Gosin’s Lebanese film ‘All This Victory’, which would vie with the others in competition, speaks of the 2006 Israeli invasion in Lebanon.  The film was screened at the 34th Venice Film Festival. Further, ‘Camille’, which debuted at the 2019 Lacarno Film Festival, tells the story of a photojournalist who came to portray the African War in the Civil War.

South African film ‘Fiela’s Child’, directed by Brett Michael Innes, which premiered at the Indian International Film Festival and the Cairo Film Festival; Michael Idov’s ‘The Humorist’; and Yang Pingado’s Chinese film ‘My Dear Friend’, based on the challenges faced by artists in modern Russia; are amongst the other films in the competition category.

Having seen four international film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival, ‘Our Mothers’ is yet another attraction in the festival competition section. ‘Pacarrete’, which won several awards including Best Picture at the 47th Gramadea Film Festival; the Joe Odagiri-directed Japanese film ‘They say Nothing Stays The Same’; Austrian film ‘When the Persimmons Grew’, directed by Hilal Beydareav; and Dominican Republic films such as ‘The Projectionist’, will also be part of the festival competition.