iffklogoCinema is basically an art of light and shadow, a contemporary expression of human creativity. From time immemorial human mind was fascinated by images, the different shades of light, colours and darkness; it has played with these elements to express oneself and one’s its relation to the world, shaping them into patterns, forms, pictures,narratives and epics.This urge has found myriad forms of expression in human history. Asian culture has a tradition dating back to more than 1000 years of shadow play, puppetry and leather shadow puppet theatre.
The logo of IFFK, conceived and drawn by the late filmmaker, G Aravindan pays homage to the richness of this tradition and establishes its essential continuity with contemporary forms. The IFFK thus celebrates human creativity and the urge to create forms and weavenarratives.
The Festival Logo, consisting of the leather puppet figure was originally designed by filmmaker G Aravindan for Filmotsav. It was used as the IFFK logo during its third edition in 1998, which was redesigned into its present form by Anand Amal and Team from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad for the 4th IFFK 1999.