Chinese Film Delegation

Xing Xinyan

Head of the Chinese Film Delegation

Member of China Artists Association,Chinese director, University researcher, Director of organizing committee of International Chinese Visual Image Art Film Festival.His films as a director include Mongolia Motherhood、The Broken Page of My Childhood、Fortune.The film involved as documentary director include Goddesses In The Flames Of War.

Xie Fei

Special adviser of the Chinese Film Delegation

Xie Fei graduated from Beijing Film Academy of China and turn into a teacher and director, he was a professor in BFA from 1965 to 2012. he was vice-president of BFA during 1980-88, He have lot of excellent film students like Chen Kaige, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Zhang Yimou, Jia Zhangke etc. his film works got some international award that like Golden and Siver Bear awards. Now he is still teaching and working as art consultant for young filmmakers.

Fu Jingsheng

Special representative of the Chinese Film Delegation

Member of China Artists Association, China Film Association, China Photographers Association, and China Printmaking Artists Association.Known among peers as a Multi-discipline Artist and Super Sketcher. The cross-disciplinary experience has enabled me to approach cinematography with a painter’s eye and to incorporate the pluralism of filmmaking into painting. From still subjects to motion scenes, from realist paintings to freehand brushworks, I’m able to traverse back and forth with ease.
Made over a hundred films as cinematographer or director, including the award winning films A Girl from Hunan, A Mongolian Tale, Song of Tibet and Agreed not to Separate (as director).

Zhang Song

Deputy head of the Chinese Film Delegation

Chinese poet, writer, director. Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the 6th International Chinese Visual Image Art Film Festival.

Liu Jian

Technical consultant of the Chinese Film Delegation

Founder of Huaxia film culture center,He spent 15 years growing up from a film lover to a filmmaker with film restoration as the core.His unit is the largest film exhibition hall and the leading digital film restoration technology platform in China.The copyright owner of Tuya's marriage、Apart Together.

Other delegation members :  Wang Yulan            Dai Wei      Chen Xinxin    Chen Guo