III Smoking Barrels

III Smoking Barrels

Director : Sanjib Dey /127/India



SYNOPSIS An anthology of three stories; each exploring a different stage of life. The first story is about a CHILD involved in armed conflicts. The second is about a BOY and his journey into the drug peddling world. The third story is about a MAN, an elephant poacher.



Written & Directed by  Sanjib Dey
Produced by  Amit Malpani
Director of Photography  Anil B. Akki
Editor  Praveen Kathikuloth, Dattatraya Ghodke
Sound Designer  Devabrot Chaliha
Re recording Mixer  Alok De
Music  Anurag Saikia, Michele Josia
Cast  Subrat Dutta , Indraneil Sengupta , Shiny Gogoi , Siddharth Boro


  • International New Comer Competition-Internationales Film Festival
    Mannheim-Heidelberg 2017



Director Sanjib Dey

Director Sanjib Dey

I was born in a small town in Far East India which is officially called North East India- a region connected to mainland India by just a narrow stretch of land called Chicken’s Neck. Surrounded by 5 International borders, this region has always remained isolated from rest of India for various socio-political reasons and cultural differences.

I realised that never before a feature film was made wholesomely representing this special region which is a warehouse of 8 provinces, more than 200 dialects, huge ethnic diversities , rich natural resources yet encompassed with many conflicts . But the challenge lied in seamlessly accommodating them all in one film. So the idea of an anthology of 3 stories came into my mind, each exploring a different stage of human life – Childhood, Boyhood & Manhood and each story separately addressing a socio-political issue which also accentuates the impact they bring into human relationships. The film ends on a new born baby completing the cycle of human life.

“III Smoking Barrels” was filmed over a period of 2 years set in various politically sensitive locations in North East India. There were innumerable hurdles like deaths, accidents, lack of infrastructures and threats but the most difficult hurdle was finding a bunch of fresh actors for various challenging roles. At times, repeated coincidences in production matters gave us many goosebumps and a rare feel of spiritual existence. The film comprises crew and cast from all across India.

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