In the Last Days of the City / Akher ayam el madina

In the Last Days of the City / Akher ayam el madina

Director: Tamer El Said / Egypt, Germany, UK , UAE / 2011 / 118 mins / Arabic

1_in-the-last-days-of-the-city_3Synopsis: In The Last Days Of The City is a beautiful tribute to Cairo shot before the Egyptian revolution of 2011 changed the city forever .Shot in Cairo, Baghdad, Beirut and Berlin, the movie tracks the lives of a group of friends from Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon, which have been shaped by the instability of their cities of birth.

The movie has the main character of a filmmaker named Khalid (played by Khalid Abdalla the director of The Kite Runner and Green Zone) who is looking for a new flat in Cairo. Khalid’s quest for a flat seems to be never-ending; similar is his struggle to capture for his new film, the soul of the city in which he is losing everything: the woman he loves is planning to emigrate, and the death of his father has reawakened memories of his childhood and a brighter Cairo. Winner of the Caligari Film Award at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival, and Best Director at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, Tamer El Said’s debut film is a poetic look at a city that now only exists in memories and images.

1_in-the-last-days-of-the-city_2Direction Tamer El Said
Production Tamer El Said, Khalid Abdalla Screenplay Said, Rasha Salti
Cinematography Bassem Fayad
Editing Mohamed A. Gawad, Vartan Avakian, Barbara Bossuet
Sound Victor Bresse
Music Amelie Legrand, Victor Moise Sound Mikael Barre
Cast Khalid Abdalla, Hanan Youssef, Maryam Saleh, Laila Samy, Hayder Helo, Basim Hajar, Bassem Fayad, Ali Sobhi,
Islam Kamel, Mohamed Gaber

Awards / Festivals

  • Berlin IFF -Caligari Film Award, Best First Feature Award
  • Buenos Aires IF of Independent Cinema- Best Director
  • T-Mobile New Horizons IFF-Grand Prix,International
  • CompetitionCalgary IFF, BFI London FF
  • Cambridge FF, Chicago IFF, Eurasia IFF

About the director: Born in 1972, Tamer El Said is a filmmaker living in Cairo. He studied filmmaking in the High Cinema Institute – Cairo and journalism in Cairo University. After making many documentaries , commercials and short films that received several international and local awards, Tamer founded Zero Production in 2007 to produce independent films. He also founded, along with others, Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre in Egypt. ‘