Indian films follow a fixed formula, but I don’t: Anup Singh

Anup Singh (Director, ‘Song of the scorpions’), at the Nila theatre during his conversation
with filmmaker K.M Kamal, said that the Indian films follow a fixed formula these days.
“The story begins, the obstacles follow, they are overcome, and the goal is reached, as if the
goal was always waiting for you. I wanted to do something different. Reason and logic work
in the realm, but it is the imagination that brings one to the world beyond”, he said in the
conversation section as part of the 22 nd international Film Festival of Kerala.
Anup Singh also said that there are many truths, and not one. He opined that we live in a
world where we are taught to separate the body and mind but one should celebrate the whole
spirit. “All art forms and universities practice that, so as to exercise control of others’ bodies
and thus their minds” he added. He explained that a folktale is always about layers
“One moment you are what you are, the next moment, you are gone. We need to take time,
and look, and appreciate. Don’t look, use, and go on, but be enchanted with every single
thing in life” added Anup.

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