Director : Tony Gatlif / France / 88 minutes / French/ 2012


Indignados is a dramatized account of what is happening in Europe today and plunges us into the dense and palpable reality of a Europe in revolt. Within the Indignados movement as it makes the news, through the eyes and journey of Betty, a young illegal immigrant from Africa, the film shows men & women who stand up against a system, simply in order to live their lives.


Producers – Princes Production
Co-producers – Eurowide, Hérodiade, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma
Scriptwriter – Tony Gatlif
Cinematographer – Colin Houben, Sébastien Saadoun
Editor – Stéphanie Pédélacq
Sound – Philippe Welsh, Pierre Bompy
Music – Delphine Mantoulet, Valentin Dahmani


Betty, Isabel, Fiona Monbet, Norig, Nawel Ben Kraiem, Eric Gonzalez Herrero, Karine Gonzales, Maud Verdier, Aurélien Le Guerinel, Adiatou Sakho, Lucie Laustriat