Director : Lino Brocka /  Philippines / 95  / Filipino | Tagalog|English / 1976

The film focuses on the struggles of the teenage girl Insiang who is oppressed by a life of poverty after moving to Manila. Her thoughtless mother, Tonia allows Dado, her lover who is much younger, to move in with them. After Dado develops an infatuation with Insiang, he later rapes her. When Tonia blames  her daughter for the rape, Insiang seeks freedom from her plight by plotting revenge.

Director Lino Brocka
Screenplay Mario O’ Hara, Lamberto Antonio
Producer Ruby Tiong Tan
DoP Conrado Baltazar
Editor  Augusto Salvador
Music Minda D. Azarcon

Cast Hilda Koronel, Ruel Vernal, Rez Cortez, Mona Lisa, Marlon Ramirez
Awards/ Festivals

FAMAS Awards – Best Supporting Actress Gaward Urian Awards
– Best Supporting Actor,Best Film of the Decade Metro Manila Film Festival