Kerala Is the Only State Where I Can Breathe Without Fear: Prakash Raj

Kerala is the only state where I can breathe without fear: Prakash Raj
Noted South-Indian actor Prakash Raj spoke on the creative rights of artists, as the guest of honour of
the inaugural ceremony of the 22 nd International Film Festival of Kerala at Nishagandhi Auditorium.
The actor vowed for the freedom of speech and expression, and how Kerala stands out in a docile and
intolerant society.
He opined that there is an agenda forced on us, and any form of dissent is trying to be silenced.
Filmmakers and artists have an obligation towards the society which made them what they are. If the
creative people are cowards, the responsibility of producing a society of cowards falls on them. “They
threaten me, I smile. They silence me, I start singing. When you silence a voice, a louder voice is
born”, proclaimed Prakash Raj.
“You are trying to silence voices and instil fear, the next generations would be afraid to even think.
That should never happen”, said he. He added that oppressing the right to expression is the most
dangerous disease.

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