Director: Ken Loach / United Kingdom / 110 mins


Synopsis : Billy is a loner. At the age of 15, he is on the brink of an
aimless existence. Wandering in the woodlands near his Yorkshire village, he finds a young kestrel hawk and becomes intrigued with the bird’s grace, its power and freedom. He steals a book on falconry and proceeds with a quiet dedication to train the bird, which he calls Kes. The movie is adapted from Barry Hines’s novel A Kestrel for a Knave.



4_kes_2Direction Ken Loach, Keith Evans
Production Tony Garnett, David Griffith
Screenplay Barry Hines, Ken Loach, Tony Garnett Cinematography Chris Menges
Editing Roy Watts
Music John Cameron
Sound Tony Jackson, Gerry Humphreys
Cast Dai Bradley, Freddie Fletcher, Lynne Perrie, Colin Welland, Brian Glover, Bob Bowes, Bernard Atha, Laurence Bould, Ted Carroll, Agnes Drumgoon, Desmond Guthrie