King of Peking/Jing Cheng Zhi Wang

King of Peking/Jing Cheng Zhi Wang

Director : Sam Voutas/China,USA,Australia/88/Chinese/2017

It’s Beijing in the 1990s. Life is very simple, but disrupted by a child running through the streets calling all cinema fans to a screening for “one buck for one night only”. This is Little Wong (Wang Naixun), and he forms the second half of the Wong boys with his father. Big Wong (Zhao Jun) is a projectionist, but finds his hobby and career go up in flames (quite literally), and the two must persevere and find a way to carry on. Big Wong takes a job at the local cinema as a janitor, and the pair hatch an ingenious plan to make some extra cash, inventing the video pirating craze that is uncontainable today.

Director and Screenplay :  Sam Voutas DoP :Seppe Van Grieken Editor :Sam Voutas Cast :Jun Zhao, Wang Naixun, Qing Han

Awards/Festivals Tribeca Film Festival 2017