Director : Binu Bhaskar / 101 mins / 2018


An investigation follows the murder and rape of a police woman.
When the investigation progresses on a journey to the border areas of India and China, the investigative team is taken as hostages by the insurgents. They get the revelation that no change happens in vacuum, everything is connected, incidents which happen in distant lands can have impact on on somewhere else. The juxtaposition of rape and land is shifted between time and place, woman and nature, man and possession.

Awards / Festivals

  • Montreal world film festival – world cinema

Sajith Bhaskar – Producer
Binu Bhaskar, Sajith Narayanan – Scriptwriters
Binu Bhaskar – cinematographer
Dafoosa M – Editor

Aneesh G Menon – Johny
Sangeeth Sivan – Mathachan
Ravi Mathew – S P Ravi Mathew