Mahesh’s Revenge / Maheshinte Prathikaaram

Mahesh's Revenge / Maheshinte Prathikaaram

 Director: Dileesh Pothan / India / 121min / 2016 / Malayalam

maheshinte_prathikaram1Synopsis Mahesh, with a suffix Bhavana, the name of his humble photography studio, leads a simple life. He lives with his father Vincent who was a film-era photographer. Mahesh is in love with his schoolmate Soumya who works in a distant city as nurse. And he also enjoys the company of his long time companion Baby who has a small-time design firm next to Mahesh’s Bhavana studio. Mahesh’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is drawn into a small fight between Baby and a next-town tough guy Jimson. Mahesh’s ego gets bruised when he is bashed up by Jimson in front the local fellows. Mahesh vows that he won’t wear his sandals until he takes revenge on Jimson.


Director: Dileesh Pothan
Producer: Aashiq Abu
Scriptwriter: Syam Pushkaran
Cinematography: Shyju Khalid
Music: Bijibal
Editor: Saiju Sreedharan
Sound Mixing: Dan Jose
Cast: Fahadh Faasil, Anusree, Aparna Balamurali, Alencier, Jaffer Idukki, Soubin Shahir

maheshinte_prathikaramdirDirector’s Bio Dileesh Pothan is an Indian film director and actor known for his Malayalam films. Dileesh has acted in popular films like Salt N’ Pepper, 22 Female Kottayam, Idukki Gold, Gangster, and Iyobinte Pusthakam, Rani Padmini. As an associate director, he has assisted director Aashiq Abu in films like 22 Female Kottayam, Da Thadiya, Idukki Gold and Gangster. He was the Chief Associate Director in the 2014 film Tamaar Padaar. Dileesh made his directorial debut with Maheshinte Prathikaaram starring Fahadh Faasil, it was released on 5 February 2016 to positive reviews.

Director’s Statement I wanted to create a movie that the viewers could involve to feel. The cheerful mindfulness that can be delivered excited me, when my friend- Writer Syam Pushkaran shared the idea of Maheshinte Prathikaaram, about a man who wants to satisfy his ego. That is, of course, a common man’s desire. We could guess the potential being one within and was clear about the attitude, the film should reflect. A non-linear time passed with progressive discussions, good research and observations for a strong yet simple movie.