Market / Iewduh

Market / Iewduh

Dir: Pradip Kurbah / India / 94 minutes / Khasi / 2019


Ïewduh is based on the market by the same name, one of the liveliest markets of North East India. Probably everybody knows what a market looks like. They know how the lanes, the shops, the shopkeepers look like. But beyond the surface, these everyday people, the common faces, the unheroic stories also have their special moments. In every lane, there are new stories. In Ïewduh when reason ends, relationships begin.


Busan International Film Festival – Asian Windows Section – Kim Jiseok Award

Director biography and filmography:

Pradip Kurbah is a National Award winning filmmaker and a pioneer in film making in Meghalaya. He has produced a number of films in various dialects of Meghalaya and directed three Khasi feature films namely, Ri, Onaatah, and Ïewduh. He has also directed more than 150 music videos in different languages. He was awarded the Best Film in the Khasi Language at the 61st and 63rd National Film Awards for the films Ri – homeland of uncertainty (2013) and Onaatah –Daughter of the Earth (2015) and both the films were selected for the Indian panorama at the 45th and 47th IFFI Goa.


Producer – Shankar Lall Goenka
Co-producers – Siddharth Goenka, Pooja Goenka, Maina Goenka
Scriptwriter – Paulami Duttagupta
Cinematographer – Pradip Daimary
Editor – Lionel Fernandes
Sound designer – Amrit Pritam
Art director – Trisanku Sarma


Albert Mawrie, Denver Pariat, Richard Kharpuri, Baia Marbaniang