Memories of Milk City

Memories of Milk City

Dir: Ruchir Joshi / India / 14 minutes / 1991


A fourteen minute cine-poem, Memories of Milk City catches Ahmedabad at a time of transition, peeling away layers of textures, gestures and sounds, tripping over a culture and a language at war with themselves.

Director biography and filmography:

Ruchir Joshi was born in Kolkata, India in 1960. He gained a Bachelor of Arts degree and works as a writer, columnist and filmmaker. Tales from Planet Kolkata was digitally restored in 2018, alongside other films of Joshi. His works include Egaro Mile (Eleven Miles), Memories of Milk City, Tales from Planet Kolkata, Dream Before Wicket, A Mercedes for Ashish, Gurgaon Giraffe, New Dream Local, Shahid – Slow-Hand Groove, My Rio, My Tokyo


Director – Ruchir Joshi
Editor – Reena Mohan
Cinematographer – Ranjan Palit
Sound – Suresh Rajamani
Texts and Voice-Over – Madhu Rye